IPG Photonics' Application and Technical Notes


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Siemensstrasse 7
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Via Pisacane 46
20025 Legnano (MI) Italy

cbridge@ipgphotonics.com estiles@ipgphotonics.com thoult@ipghotonics.com mgrupp@ipgphotonics.com scassarini@ipgphotonics.it


Application Notes
    Application Note #01: Laser Scribing for Thin Film PV Panels with a Novel Pulsed Green Fiber Laser
    Application Note #02: Further Improvements to Nanosecond Pulsed Lasers
    Application Note #03: Dark Oxide Marking on 304 Stainless Steel  
    Application Note #04: Applications of Fiber Lasers for Solar Cell Manufacturing
    Application Note #05: Cutting with Long Pulse Fiber Lasers YLR 150/1500-QCW-AC
    Application Note #06: Improvements in Cutting Thick Steels with Fiber Lasers
    Application Note #07: Marking and Welding of Polycarbonate with Short Pulse, Low Nanosecond Fiber Lasers
    Application Note #08: Spot Welding with Long Pulse Fiber Lasers
    Application Note #09: Laser Marking of Polycarbonate with Short Pulse Low Nanosecond Fiber Lasers
    Application Note #10: Replacing Flash Lamp-Pumped YAG lasers in the Medical Device Industry


Technical Notes
    Technical Note #01: YLP-HC Model Lasers